Agile Forum

Extreme Programming (or XP) is a software engineering methodology (and a form of agile software development) prescribing a set of daily stakeholder practices that embody and encourage particular XP values. Proponents believe that exercising these practices—traditional software engineering practices taken to so-called "extreme" levels—leads to a development process that is more responsive to customer needs ("agile") than traditional methods, while creating software of better quality. [Source: Wikipedia]

Representatives from large companies like the banks right down to small software development companies meet to discuss topics around XP and agile methodologies. Each meeting consists of a presentation from someone in the industry followed by lively debate on the issue.

Forum members then generally hang around for drinks and snacks after the meetings to network and interact around software development challenges.

Details of the each event are found under the events section and the presentation from the speakers are posted on the site after each event.

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