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In an opinion piece published in the Daily Maverick, JCSE Director, Prof Barry Dwolatzky, and CEO of Altron Nexus, Mark Harris, discuss South Africa’s “readiness” for digital transformation.

In the current COVID-19 “new normal” South Africa, like every other economy in the world, is facing the need for rapid digitisation. Dwolatzky and Harris review the factors that need to be in place for an economy to successfully transform.

They conclude that much work will be required for South Africa to build a successful digital economy. In particular the “digital divide” needs to be addressed.

6th August 2020

At the request of several potential participants, the starting date of the JCSE’s new Wits University Certified Course “Technical Practices for the Professional Software Developer” has been changed to Wednesday 9th September 2020. Applications close on Wednesday 2nd September.

Software developers are in great demand. As the world moves into the post-COVID-19 future there is one thing for certain: our future will be DIGITAL and the demand for skilled digital professionals will increase.

Professional application developers come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some have taught themselves. Others have degrees in computer science, information system, IT or software engineering. Some have come through coding academies and other similar programmes. There are many useful and practical skills that are not typically taught in any of these educational programmes.

This course covers many of the technical skills and “tricks of the trade” that are usually learnt by doing the job and working with seasoned professionals.

So .. if you want to jump-start your career in software development, or if you want to raise your level of competence and improve your employment prospects … REGISTER NOW!

Places are limited so register soon. The course is taught via live online lectures.

Best regards

Prof Barry Dwolatzky : Director: JCSE at Wits University

JCSE Director Talks about his Vision in 2016

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The JCSE's History and Vision

The Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University was established in 2005 as a partnership between government, industry and the University. When it was established, the JCSE’s major focus was on developing and growing the software development sector of the local IT industry. Programmes were developed to grow skills, promote the adoption of international best practices, and encourage transformation in the sector. The JCSE also has a strong focus on research and innovation. With respect to research the JCSE has carried out numerous research engagements including and annual ICT Skills Survey and contract research for both government and industry.

In 2012 the JCSE initiated and drove a major project aimed at establishing a digital innovation hub in Johannesburg. This resulted in the establishment of Wits University’s Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct in West Braamfontein in 2016.  In 2017 Tshimologong was spun off by Wits as a separate entity. Over the past year the JCSE has refocused its activities on issues relating to digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution. It aims to provide thought leadership, high-level training and research in these areas.

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