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30 June 2020

The JCSE welcomes the appointment of Professor Zeblon Vilakazi as Wits University’s next Vice-Chancellor. In presenting his vision during the selection process, Prof Vilakazi emphasised the importance of digital transformation in the future of our University, our City, our country and our continent. This vision aligns well with the JCSE’s aim to “Lead Africa’s Digital Future”. We look forward to going forward under Prof Vilakazi’s leadership.

Registrations are coming in for our CPD course “Database Systems”. This is an accredited Wits University short course and forms part of the JCSE’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. The course covers: information systems and their data; database theory; database design; the principle of knowledge management; spatial databases.  Due to the current lockdown it will be taught via live Microsoft Teams sessions. The course starts on 22nd July and places are limited, so if you are interested, REGISTER SOON! See details under Upcoming Activities.

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Prof Barry Dwolatzky : Director: JCSE at Wits University

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In an article, published recently in the Daily Maverick, JCSE’s Director Prof Barry Dwolatzky, and Mark Harris, CEO of Altron Nexus and chair of the JCSE Advisory Board, reflect on some of the short- and long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Much has been written about the way in which physical distancing, lockdown and work-from-home (WFH) have fast-tracked digital transformation in many sectors of the economy. However, an important consequence that has not been discussed much is the impact the pandemic will have on the future of work. The article considers the notion of a “job” in the post-COVID “new normal”.

The article discusses the prospect of jobs no longer being defined as attendance at a workplace, but rather as a set of tasks, some of which might be automated. This raises the prospect that the so-called “Gig Economy” will become the primary source of employment in our future economy. This obviously brings with it many challenges and opportunities.

If you find this interesting, you might wish to read the article and share some of your thoughts and comments.

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4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems
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4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems

4:00 pm: CPD 7055 - Database Systems
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The JCSE's History and Vision

The Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University was established in 2005 as a partnership between government, industry and the University. When it was established, the JCSE’s major focus was on developing and growing the software development sector of the local IT industry. Programmes were developed to grow skills, promote the adoption of international best practices, and encourage transformation in the sector. The JCSE also has a strong focus on research and innovation. With respect to research the JCSE has carried out numerous research engagements including and annual ICT Skills Survey and contract research for both government and industry.

In 2012 the JCSE initiated and drove a major project aimed at establishing a digital innovation hub in Johannesburg. This resulted in the establishment of Wits University’s Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct in West Braamfontein in 2016.  In 2017 Tshimologong was spun off by Wits as a separate entity. Over the past year the JCSE has refocused its activities on issues relating to digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution. It aims to provide thought leadership, high-level training and research in these areas.

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