The JCSE team

Professor Barry Dwolatzky

     Prof. Barry Dwolatzky 


Prof. Barry Dwolatzky was appointed the Director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) in May 2007. Prior to that, he was academic director at the JCSE and a Professor in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Wits.

Prof. Dwolatzky’s driving passion is to promote the growth and development of the South African software industry. He set up the Information Engineering option in Electrical Engineering at Wits and developed a course-based Masters programme in Software Engineering, which was registered as a Learnership within the SA Government’s skills development framework. He also played a key role in the founding of the JCSE in 2005. Prof. Dwolatzky has published over 40 research papers in journals and conferences and has supervised 24 MSc students and three PhD’s.

He joined Wits in 1989, returning to the university he graduated and received a doctorate from, after working in Britain on software-related research at the Universities of Manchester (UMIST), London (Imperial College) and the GEC-Marconi Research Centre for 10 years.



Adrian Schofield

Born in the south of England, Adrian’s career began in the retail petroleum industry and later moved into casino administration.  Adrian emigrated to Southern Africa in 1981 (acquiring South African citizenship in the new democracy), where he has worked in casino management, in financial computer systems, in payroll processing, in software development & sales before moving into recruitment & contracting of IT skills, then into technical training before joining CompTIA in January 2000 as the regional International Sales & Marketing Director. From 2003 to 2005, he carried out consulting contracts with ISETT SETA, SAP and City of Joburg/Wits University.  He joined ForgeAhead in March 2005, where he was Head of Consulting until moving to the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering in 2008 as Manager: Applied Research Unit.  Adrian has spent more than 30 years being involved in activities to promote standards and growth in the ICT sector.

  • Councillor: B-BBEE ICT Sector Council
  • Fellow of IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa);
  • Vice Chairman (Standards & Accreditation) of IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) at IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing);
  • Vice Chairman of the Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA)



Ashleigh Gormally

Ashleigh is the JCSE's Programme Manager, responsible for managing the finances and administration of the Centre's courses and other events                                                                                .



John Goble

John Goble joined the JCSE in 2013 as a Process Coach. John has been in the IT industry since 1997 when he started his career as an entry level Cobol developer. He has developed solutions in the farming sector, financial sector and furniture retail sector. John has also provided training in software development as well as process improvement methodologies.

Currently John heads up the sponsored programmes of our skills academy where we are providing training to school leavers in Java, C#, Testing, User Experience and Android Development.

John is an accredited Team Software Process(TSP) Instructor and a certified TSP Coach.    


Alok Goswami

In 2014, the JCSE decided to move away from a silo-based approach that focuses on implementing a specific framework or methodology, and embarked on an exciting outcomes-driven best practice approach of performance improvement. This approach uses a range of best-practice frameworks and methodologies, depending on the identified gaps and pain points within a specific organisation. Leveraging from a multitude of best practice frameworks contributes to an organisation achieving its management objectives. Having provided CMMI and PCMM training in partnership with the CMMI Institute, the JCSE has been able to develop a pool of expert resources with world-class, best-practice certifications to help develop this outcomes-driven approach. Leading this pool of resources is Alok Goswami, the JCSE’s lead appraiser and CMMI instructor, who manages the JCSE’s best-practice process improvement initiatives. Alok is a Business Management graduate (MBA), and is possibly the only professional in South Africa to possess a combination of niche and extraordinary skills in the international best practice frameworks and disciplines of Information Technology & Software Engineering on CMMI, TSP, ITIL, Six Sigma, PMP and ISO 9001-2000. Some of these world class credentials include:

  • CMMI Institute, USA Certified CMMI Best Practice SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for Capability Maturity Model (CMMI).
  • CMMI Institute, USA Certified CMMI Best Practice Instructor for Development, Services and Acquisition practices.
  • Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) from the premier global project management best practice Project Management Institute (PMI, USA)
  • Certified Professional holding the premium IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V 3 Expert qualification.
  • Holder of the prestigious IT Service Manager certification from EXIN, Netherlands.
  • Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 9001-2000 model
  • A trained Coach in Team Software Process (TSP) methodology by Software Engineering Institute (SEI), USA. TSP is a world class best practice agile methodology that helps to improve the quality of software design and code through reduction of defects.
  • Qualified Coach accredited by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Alok is an expert strategist and has helped senior management to develop and implement cross functional business and process improvement opportunities. These encompass gap analysis, process definition, mapping, engineering/re-engineering, analysis, design and measurements and benchmarking. Alok has also been a part of the core teams responsible for implementing CMMI, Six Sigma, PSP & TSP and PCMM frameworks.

For any queries, request or details, Alok can be reached at

Jassika Sheikh

Jassika is Barry's PA, custodian of the diary and organiser extraordinaire.






Aveer Ramnath

Aveer joined the JCSE in February 2013 as the Software Development Manager. He is currently overseeing a number of software development projects including the high maturity TSP team pilot project, and is also responsible for ICT and technology related issues at the JCSE.

Aveer is a Wits electrical engineering graduate and began his career as a software development engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks. He spent six and a half years there and worked on an array of telecommunications software systems, specialising in the area of convergent charging platforms (realtime online services such as prepaid). He led development teams for large engineering projects involving distributed teams from across the world, and spent time in Germany and India on project teams.

In 2008 he shifted lanes and joined Wits University as a lecturer in software development and telecommunications.  In addition he has taught courses and provided consulting services with the telecommunications industry. Aveer is passionate about the use of technology to improve society and help tackle the problems of education and poverty.  In his free time he enjoys travel.



Thurairajah (Raj) Rajakanthan

Raj joined the JCSE March 2015 as Software Development Manager. He is currently overseeing several software projects as well as providing training on Terminal4 Web Content Management System and Microsoft SharePoint. He also serves as a consultant in the area of software strategy as well as rollout of other technological solutions.

Raj received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. In the early part of his career, he was responsible for the development and maintenance of specialised engineering software. The software supported engineers undertaking the rapid design of electrification networks. From 2006, in response to the maintenance related challenges facing the electricity industry, he spearheaded the development of specialised mobile based tools. These solutions were intended to help utilities document their electrical assets so that it can form the basis of an asset register. Later, these solutions were adapted to other distributed infrastructure assets such as roads and transportation as well as facility assets.

Raj is passionate about helping organisations cost-effectively address some of their major challenges using cutting edge and innovative technologies.



Leah Tladi

Leah provides administrative assistance to the Programme Manager and the PA in respect of courses, events, reception duties as well as general administrative duties within the JCSE as required.



Tsakani Mbhiza

Tsakani provides administrative assistance to the DIZ Operational Manager and helps arrange meetings, events and interviews. She also performs reception and administration duties at the Tshimologong Precinct in Braamfontein.