Program Overview

The BOOTUP programme fulfils one of the key goals of the JCSE: Building capacity and skills: Educating experts to lead Africa's software development sector.

As a result of research into the skills required by the ICT industry with private and government sector which indicated that good software engineers are in short supply but in huge demand, the JCSE has created the BOOTUP programme.

The aim of the programme is to identify individuals at the beginning of their academic career and encourage them into the software engineering field while giving them the skills to excel in the industry.

Why call it BOOTUP?

The BOOTUP of an operating system works by loading a very small program into the computer and then giving that program control to go through multiple steps until the entire operating system is loaded.

Like a computer bootup, the BOOTUP programme from the JCSE takes students through distinct steps which ultimately lead them to be fully operational.


PHASE 1 - Scholar Programme for Grade 10 learners in maths and physical science

The objective is to encourage students to select a career in software engineering. Up to four students from neighbouring schools will be invited to spend 3 weeks in the December holidays working with a mentor on a software engineering project..

PHASE 2 - CoachLab@JCSE Post Graduate Leadership Development Programme

This programme takes in up to 13 ICT postgraduate students and provides leadership and business skills and practical project experience for nine months from March to November.

To apply

For application forms please click on the heading of the relevant phase above to navigate to the application process for that programme.

For more information contact or call +27  (0)11 717 6390.