Data and Analytics (D&A)

All businesses need faster access to more information in order to remain competitive.

All businesses need faster access to more information in order to remain competitive.  The proliferation of internet connectivity, social media and “the internet of things” means that businesses now have the ability to gather vast amounts of data on customers, suppliers and business operations.  However, because of the vast amount of data potentially available, one needs to be able to mine that data and produce meaningful intelligence. This empowers executives, managers and even staff on the "shop floor" to make faster, more informed decisions.

Data and analytics is the business of gathering, organising and analysing data. It’s an iterative process of discovery that enables businesses to understand market trends and behaviours.  This topic will introduce the concept of data and analytics and will explore how some organisations, small and large, are using data and analytics to their advantage.

Co-speaker 1:

Suven Moodley


Suven is an independent management consultant working in the IT industry for 8 years.  He has a passion for big data initiatives and business intelligence and currently manages the enterprise data management portfolio for Sun International.  His current portfolio includes programs and projects covering business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management and data governance.


Co-speaker 2:

Mayank Naik


Mayank is an IT advisor and engagement manager at KPMG. His client portfolio includes multiple South African blue-chip companies and he is responsible for engagement delivery and management. He is an active participant within the Tech In Braam community where he is involved in knowledge and development initiatives. He believes that Johannesburg is closely reaching the pinnacle of a major technology paradigm shift – “if you’d like to be a part of these radical times, keep your eyes and ears close to Tech In Braam”.


General delegate R90 - Registered full-time student R40
Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 18:00 to 20:00