Ensuring your IT Project delivers - Two Day Masterclass

Why do so many IT Projects fail to deliver value?
How do we improve communication between business owners and technical experts?
Can we improve the odds of project success?



•58% of IT Projects are ‘challenged’;
•29% fail!
•Only 13% of IT Projects deliver value as planned [ The Standish Group, 2014] A large part of the problem is that planning during the project preparation stage is often inadequate. This follows from the fact that at the beginning of the project much of the information required is not known. But the choices made at this stage will determine largely whether the project succeeds or fails during the execution phase. International expert Jan De Winter has developed new ways of working which substantially increase the success rate of ICT projects. His methodology, well aligned with aspects of agile thinking, uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and DEMO. DEMO was developed by the Technical University of Delft and systematically reduces the amount of information that needs to be considered at the start of the process. This improves clarity and the ability of decision makers to understand each other. As a participant in the Two-day Masterclass you will be introduced to the overall approach and you will exercise some key aspects of it (AI and DEMO) in practice. You will also receive the necessary insights in the scientific underpinning of the approach, but more important, you will be able to estimate it’s added value for your professional activities.



Jan De Winter is an independent consultant, specializing in rescuing failing ICT-projects. As a result of this experience he developed new ways of working which substantially increase the success rate of ICT projects . By combining and applying separate fields of expertise Jan gained a number of insights. The most important of these is that success or failure of the project is determined by the quality of the planning phase.
Jan studied Organizational Psychology, an Executive MBA, a certificate in Enterprise IT Architecture and a AI Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change. He is now enrolled at the University of Antwerp for a PhD.

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Two Day Master Class R2100.00 (Students R750)
Professional Development Hub (PDH) Wits University
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 08:30 to Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 16:30