Practical Software Project Estimation via Functional Sizing

An evening talk about measurement of software projects to derive reliable cost, effort and duration scenarios for planned projects.

This seminar discusses the measurement of software projects and in particular how to size business requirements using Function Point Analysis. It then describes how benchmarks are used to derive reliable cost, effort and duration scenarios for planned projects and how proposal tabled by vendors and in-house teams can be reviewed in terms of viability.


Bram Meyerson:  Bram Meyerson is the founder and CEO of QuantiMetrics.
For the past two decades, Bram has managed and delivered a range of assessment, benchmarking and estimation services. In this role, Bram has worked closely with CIOs, IS directors and systems development managers in assessing, benchmarking and optimising their project performance. Currently much of this activity involves the ongoing independent assessment and benchmarking of supplier (outsourced) performance on behalf of IT user organisations.
Bram has coordinated business operations benchmarking activities in the Investment Management  and Life Insurance Industries. This service has spanned over a dozen blue chip financial services groups where Bram has worked closely with their COOs and other business executives in measuring and assessing the outcomes of their operational strategies.


General Delegate R90.00 - Student Delegate R40.00
Jozi Hub
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 18:00 to 20:00