The JCSE hosted its first Geek-Trivia Quiz on 10th June.  The quiz ran on Zoom and teams of between 1 and 6 members could sign up. Sixteen teams entered, although not all competed. The quiz was organised and run by The Quizzly Bears (a team of question-setters, quiz-masters and scorers) consisting of Barry Dwolatzky, Jodie Dwolatzky, Leslie Dwolatzky, Rina KIng and Kerryn Gammie.

After a really fun afternoon the results were as follows…………….. (Drums roll and trumpets sound!)

Overall Team Event

1. Caffeinator   – 43.5

2. Z-Team – 39.5

3. Black Panther – 39

4. Highlander – 37

5. Gough – 32

6. Hummingbird -29.5

Per Capita Score

1. Caffeinator – 14.5

2. Black Panther – 13

3. Hummingbird – 9.8

4. Gough – 8

5. Z-Team – 6.6

6. Highlander – 6.2

CAFFEINATOR  is a team from the Wits School of Electrical & Information Engineering. Members are Conrad Haupt, Craig Carlson,  Mitch Cox, Timothy McBride, Dane Slattery, Michiel Postema.

CAFFEINATOR is now the official holder of the “JCSE Geek-Trivia Quiz Virtual Floating Trophy“.


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