The Partner Program

Partnering for the success of the software development sector’s future

The JCSE is looking for organisations who will not only partner with the JCSE to grow the software development sector into the future, but will also derive benefit from being involved in the JCSE.

There are several categories of partnership available. Each level of partnership offers a set of benefits dependent upon the level of investment into the JCSE.

The principal benefits are in the form of points that can be used to participate in any of the JCSE activities throughout the 12 months following the signature of a partnership contract. Each point is equivalent to R1.

Partners can purchase additional points at any time, at a 10% discount, but may not carry points over into the next sponsorship period.

The categories:

There are five categories of partnership.

Partnership Investment Points package
Platinum Investment of capital or resources into
JCSE to the value of R150,000 or more.
Gold R75,000 + VAT 37,500
Silver R35,000 + VAT 17,500
Bronze R15,000 + VAT 7,500
Individual R1,000 + VAT 1,000

All JCSE activities will ‘cost’ a specified number of points and a list of these costs and activities will be available here.

Partners can choose to use their points to purchase these benefits for themselves or may wish to allocate them to other smaller JCSE partners.