Software Process Improvement

JCSE specializes in providing best practice based niche trainings in order to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and productivity across the end-to-end value chain. Our trainings are tailored to suit individual client requirements in order to bring maximum alignment with the strategic business objectives. Furthermore, our training offerings can be customized to integrate practices from various best practice frameworks thereby putting maximum focus in alleviating the pain points and optimizing the business drivers. Our suite of training products cut across various domains including Project Management, Software Engineering and Service Excellence.  Some of the key training service offerings are:

Introduction to CMMI for Development Course

The CMMI for Development course is a formal course that helps organizations achieve excellence in development practices in order to develop and maintain quality solutions.

Services Supplement for CMMI for Services

This course focuses on practices that help organizations to ensure that quality services are delivered to customers and end users.

Acquisition Supplement for CMMI for Services

This course focuses on practices that help organizations to manage the supply chain in order to acquire and integrate products and services thereby ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

TSP Executive Strategy Seminar

This course covers the key concepts and principles of the Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) from a management perspective. The purpose of the course is to provide the foundation that managers need to begin to introduce and apply the TSP in their organization.

TSP Leading A Development Team

This course is designed to teach first-line managers or team leaders how to manage projects quantitatively in order to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with all requirements met. The course covers the knowledge and skills leaders need to effectively lead and coach development teams

Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals

This course teaches software engineers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the PSP, a process-based approach for developing software. Students who complete the course will be able to apply the PSP methods to their own personal work process and participate on a Team Software Process (TSP) team.

TSP Team Member Training

This course is designed for system, hardware, and test engineers, technical writers, trainers, support personnel, and others who are not software developers but who will be participating in a self-directed team. It is also appropriate for members of integrated product development teams that are building software-intensive systems. This course enables participants to understand the rationale and foundational concepts behind the PSP and TSP; to develop ways to measure size, time, and defects in their work; to use a personal planning framework to plan and track tasks; and to use the a quality strategy to manage the defects in their work and support the team's quality goals.