The South African ICT sector is facing a multitude of issues and challenges when it comes to implementing projects related to Development, Services and Acquisition. Some of the main issues and challenges surface in the form of unstable and immature processes, poor return on investment (ROI), the failure to meet time and cost to market, loss of productivity, poor quality, failure to achieve service level agreement targets, poor automation and poor employee morale.
The JCSE has successfully assisted many organisations to address these issues and challenges through the implementation of multidisciplinary best practice-based approach. The organisations where JCSE has provided best practice-based services cut across various domains and industry segments. The success achieved by the JCSE in this regard lies in the provision of services that focus on an outcomes-driven approach, using a range of best-practice frameworks and methodologies, depending on the identified gaps and pain points within a specific organisation. Following a scoping discussion to understand the client’s needs and requirements, the JCSE develops a proposal to address the problem using one or more of the following best-practice methodologies and approaches:

  • Development frameworks (CMMI for Development, Team Software Process)
  • Services frameworks (CMMI for Services, ITIL)
  • Integration of Agile and CMMI
  • Trainings
  • Implementation support
  • Benchmarking
  • Acquisition and vendor management frameworks (CMMI for Acquisition)
  • Project management practices
  • Balanced scorecard and measurement (Six Sigma)
  • People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)

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JCSE’s Best Practice Based Service Offerings

The JCSE has developed a pool of expert resources with world-class, best-practice credentials. The Unit is headed by Goswami, an MBA graduate who is possibly the only professional in South Africa to possess a combination of niche skills in the international best practice frameworks and disciplines of IT and software engineering, particularly CMMI, TSP, ITIL, Six Sigma, PMP and ISO 9001-2000.

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